Students Fight Against Smoking

SAS Logo - Designed by Saleem Azzam
SAS Logo – Designed by Saleem Azzam

Alaa Chehayeb

Deir El Qamar | 15-Apr-2011

Students Anti Smoking a Lebanese NGO, Founded by a group of Students, to fight against Smoking, in Lebanon and the region, is participating to GYSD event, [ Global Youth Services Days ] hosted by AVS, During 15 – 17 April . So they Created 3 Activities , a Campaign and Petition Called “Smoke it Outside” that achieved an Administrative Law by “Lebanese University – IBA-4” to avoid smoking in the Faculity as a First Step in a long way.

SAS members Leading the workshop

SAS members Leading the workshop

The Second One was an “Awerness workshop” with Deir El Qamar Official Secondary School Students,  Presented by the members of “SAS” the workshop was designed to Inform the Teenagers about Smoking bad sides and facts, also about health problems caused by smoking, in a cool and funny way, so the participants were excited and following all the presentation, and participating with their opinions and playing the Smoking game that always leads to a heath problem

Students Playing the SMOKING GAME

Students Playing the SMOKING GAME

The Third Activity, was the launch of Writing and Design an Awareness Story about smoking facts, for more information you can visit the Students Anti Smoking | FB Fan Page and join the event there

Soon “SAS” are going to launch an Anti Smoking Commercial on Social media Platforms

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Business Card

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