Design Geeks | Officially Launched :)

After the previous post about Design Geeks taking votes on the logo design, and after your comments and a professional review from my professor the new logo is figured out with the same concept and some adaptation.


The website is now launched on this URL:
also Design Geeks has its social media channels Read more of this post

“Design Geeks”.. What u think??

Design Geeks , a brand new website that gonna be launched soon, and as its name says, its a website related to the design fields, specially graphic and web design.

before the public publish of the site i would to take your opinion about the logo created.

here is the logo and a poll below, for any comments plz write in the comments box 🙂 thank you


Business Cards Designs For the 3 WINNERS

As i Promised in My Design Competition, and as a Gift from “EINSHTEIN” , I Designed Three Business Cards For the THREE WINNERS, based on Internet tutorials

it was a great experience to me, yo improve my skills as graphic designer in the field of business cards design

No more speech, enjoy the designs with a brief of every winner


:WINNER nbr 1

Josephine Abou Safi, Lebanese Interior Architect ,Lebanese University








:WINNER nbr 2

Sahar Zaytoun, Interior Architect, Lebanese University







:WINNER nbr 3

Souhair Darghouth, Interior Architect, Lebanese University





WIN a Business Card Design

Business Card

Einshtein | Design Studio


Since i had no Big Experience in Business Card Designing, when my Dear friend asked me design her a business card,i searched the internet and found a great tutorial on how to make it, and you can see the result above in the picture


and now im going to GIVE Three Business Card Deigns

So… If you want a business card, or looking to change yours, ENTER the Competition and WIN IT

:The Rules are very simple

:1st – Leave a COMMENT on this post with an answer for this Question

who is the Lebanese Architects who Designed the BO18 Night Club In Beirut

2nd – First Three Comments with correct answer will be the WINNERS

3rd – The winners Names will be posted in a new post, then the designs

4th – the DEADLINE to submit the comments is Sunday (27|02|2011) at 6:00 pm


So Just hurry up and Make it

“طارق عاصي”.. موهبة لبنانية مبدعة

“طارق عاصي” اللبناني الموهوب:

هو مصمم لبناني، خريج الجامعة اللبنانية الأميريكية LAU، حائز على شهادة Bachelor of science | Graphic Design | Digital Emphasis 2004 – 2008.

عمل خلال دراسته في بعض المشاريع، منها ملصقات وشعار لمهرجان في جامعته، ومصمم ورسام كرتون لمجلة “Cedars Wings” التابعة لشركة طيران الشرق الأوسط MEA، وغيرها من المشاريع الخاصة. واليوم يعمل في قسم الإعلان لمجموعة شركات في السعودية، كمصمم و رسام و 3D Modeler.

هو أيضاً رسام كاريكاتوري مميز يرسم الفنانين والفنانات والسياسين وغيرهم، يمتلك صفحة على Facebook ولديه أكثر من 36000 معجب

ولديه أيضاً موقعه الخاص حيث يمكنكم الإطلاع على أعماله



هذا هو أينشتايني آخر من لبنان

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