Design Geeks | Officially Launched :)

After the previous post about Design Geeks taking votes on the logo design, and after your comments and a professional review from my professor the new logo is figured out with the same concept and some adaptation.


The website is now launched on this URL:
also Design Geeks has its social media channels
Facebook Page: Deisgn Geeks
Twitter Account: @DesignGeeks
Design Geeks is a platform specified in the design industry, featuring Graphic Design, web Design, Interior Design and Photography.. posting news and updates related to them. and proud to announce that in the near future Design Geeks will be focusing on the Arab Artists work
as soon as our pageviews grow up (and the first 5 days gave a great example on the big success coming) we will be giving the customers the option to review their work on the site.. so you designers, websites owners, special spaces owners get ready 🙂
in the mean time we hope you will enjoy our website




About Alaa Chehayeb
Interior Architect. Award winning graphic designer and digital marketer. Award winning investigative journalist. Poet/Writer.

2 Responses to Design Geeks | Officially Launched :)

  1. dana busaleh says:

    so, we can design stuff 2 b posted here alaa?

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