Einshtein: a new success ;)

Earlier this day, i received an email saying “Greetings Einshtein”… First i thought it’s a spam like always, going on reading the mail and there was a big surprise, Ms. Tania Jalloul, from Beirut.com , was telling me that Einshtein | The Blog is featured on Beirut.com and sending me the link of my profile on the site

Einshtein's profile on Beirut.com

it was shocking for me, sure in a positive way, to be listed in the Featured Internet-Online Presence, as Beirut.com is a leading lebanese website featuring lebanese websites. blogs, online presence, activities, events and much more… going from Zero presence online on the mid of December 2010 to be listed as one of the top lebanese blog, beside Lebanese Voices , +961, Cafe Thawra, Hummus Nation and all the famous lebanese bloggers is a great success for me.

Thank you everyone for your visits and follow ups all the 10 past months to make Einshtein one of the top blogs 🙂

Thank you Beirut.com for all your efforts, its a big responsibility for me.. looking forward to work with you more

here’s the link to Einshtein’ profile on Beirut.com , waiting your reviews there


About Alaa Chehayeb
Interior Architect. Award winning graphic designer and digital marketer. Award winning investigative journalist. Poet/Writer.

3 Responses to Einshtein: a new success ;)

  1. Lamyaa says:

    Bonne continuation Alaa 🙂 🙂 🙂 Inshalah mwafa2

  2. Nalo says:

    its really a great job,, and you deserve it Alaa.. Good Luck 🙂 🙂

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