Honda.. The Creative Advertisment

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HONDA, the well known company in the field of car production, released a new commercial AD for the new Honda accord 2011. Not so far, HONDA created an AD for a previous type of the car using a very creative idea, a choir making the sound of the car. Once again, they created a new commercial and very creative too, using all the parts of the car in the mood of a scientific lab to launch their new brand car


I can’t say other than “Chapeau-bas” for HONDA, the new advertisment is just a Success


About Alaa Chehayeb
Interior Architect. Award winning graphic designer and digital marketer. Award winning investigative journalist. Poet/Writer.

5 Responses to Honda.. The Creative Advertisment

  1. hishamad says:

    are you sure this is a 2011 campaign? i have watched this video long ago

  2. layalzgh says:

    ala2ooooooooooooo bet3a2ed ka fekra w ka sot w ka kil chiiiiii 😀

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