:: WRONG ::

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:: WRONG ::

Lots of our daily acts and reacts are wrong, and they became a habit that we do without thinking about others

one of the wrongest things we do in life is our treatment to the “Different Persons” -which i personally respect- but as a nation, or more specifically Nations, treat them badly

WRONG is a movie made during the “Arab Digital Expression Camp” in Egypt, by the future talented film maker Ziad Sa’ed whom i expect a bright future – Note: Ziad is only 14 years old

Here is a description from Ziad about his short movie

“The Fact That Egypt Is Living In Bad Stereotypical Environment , Has Lead Me To Make This Movie Which Makes Proud That I Am Different From Everybody . Being Diff Is Not A Curse But Actually A Gift”

Director & Script : Ziad Sa’ed

Cinematography & Lighting: Mostafa Bahgat

Acting: Rime Nagib | Houssam Shekrallah | Tarek Bashasha | Hany Metenawi | Salina Abazza | Sanaa Seif | Alaa Chehayeb | Sama El Aryan | Mayssara Abdulhak | Omar Naeem | Bilal Gamal | Dina Sabry | Maryam Nouhy | Amina Allam | Rehab Khattab | Shaymaa Yehia | Abir Morsi

now i leave you with the video that worth the 4+ minutes to be watched

About Alaa Chehayeb
Interior Architect. Award winning graphic designer and digital marketer. Award winning investigative journalist. Poet/Writer.

5 Responses to :: WRONG ::

  1. mustaphax says:

    I would say that you had a fun time making this, and the whole idea is great, the people not accept different idea just because thy are foreign is a very bad thing 🙂 Ziad Very Good Job Mate 🙂

  2. sarsorillel says:

    The Video Is Amazing 🙂
    Nus s7abii warjathun iyah xD
    Proud Of You All 🙂
    O Dayman ra7 2adal , aslan i’n glad ine t3arfet 3ala nas btjaneen zaykom fil dinyaa

  3. theziadtv says:

    Alaa Thank You And Great Job 🙂
    @Mostafa Yes 😀 , I Know 😛 , Thank You Dude 🙂
    @Jana Thak’s 7abbtii 🙂 , Love You ❤

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