First Chrome OS on a Chromium PC

          The XI3 Modular Computer, well kwon as “Chromium PC”, was announced by Google and XI3 Corporation as the first PC designed to run Chrome Operating System

Measuring only 4 inches square ,housed in Aluminium with 3 seperated but interconnected borads,this small computer system is 64 bit (x86) dual core processor and you can benefit from 4GB ram, powered with 20 w only

This PC provides 6 USB ports, 1 Display Port, 2 eSATA ports, DVI interface as well as Ethernet, Video/Audio and power connections

As its a new Release Chromium PC in not a Cheap PC, the price varies between 849$ and 1500$  and a Chrome Finish Costumization is available for 30$

About Alaa Chehayeb
Interior Architect. Award winning graphic designer and digital marketer. Award winning investigative journalist. Poet/Writer.

4 Responses to First Chrome OS on a Chromium PC

  1. libanizi says:

    so they are making pocket sized PC’s 🙂 that is surely interesting

  2. libanizi says:

    let’s wait to see it in action. Chromium is still to be proven

  3. but we can trust those guys.. 🙂

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